Monday, March 18, 2013

Learning to be Adults

So once again, I've made some lofty, but not unreasonable New Year's goals. I guess some things just never change.

My overarching resolution is to make 2013 the year of learning to be adults. Neither I nor my Dear Husband are terribly domestic, it's just not a priority in our lives. However, since we're rounding the bases on thinking about starting a family, it's time to keep a clean house. I think I might start doing some "20-Something Domestic" posts, because I also came from a house where cleaning was not a big deal, so I never learned how to do anything right and I imagine I'm not alone in that. I've already taught myself some good tricks like how to put that stupid duvet cover on without wanting to kill someone, so I think it could be fun to make a mockery of myself and hopefully help teach some other hopeless 20-somethings along the way as well.

Part two of this whole being an adult thing is learning to take time to look nice. I won't say that I don't care about fashion or make up or skin care, but I don't leave myself enough time to do anything about it in the morning. That has been slowly but surely changing this year, and I'm starting to actually paint my nails again.

I'm in love with this robin's egg blue color, but painting my nails has always been a bit futile. Since I rock climb, I tear my hands up, and chip a lot of nails without polish on them, but we'll see how it goes.

At least I only spent about a dollar on that whole bottle so if it goes south it's not a total loss. I had to take the official Pinterest-OPI-Expensive-Nail-Polish picture. Please ignore how much I paint my skin! Its a work in progress okay?

This is also the first year I haven't set myself a weight loss goal, which I think is kind of a big deal for me. It's not to say that I'm not still trying my hardest to get slimmer, but I want to focus more on eating clean and training hard. I'd love to be in a size 12 by the time we go on vacation in August, and I would really love to be climbing 5.8 or 5.9 routes by the end of the year, but I don't want to live and die by it.

How have your New Year's Resolutions being coming along? Am I the only one who makes them anymore?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A (triumphant?) Return

Hi guys! Well, the good news is I thought I hadn't posted in over a year, but really it's only been since May so its not quite as bad as I originally thought. Just to kick things off right, here's the quick and dirty update on what's been going on that has been keeping me away from updating...

  • I actually haven't done ANY knitting since my last update. That kinda makes me sick to my stomach, and was part of the catalyst that is getting me back to the blogging lifestyle
  • I've managed to lose more than 20 lbs!
  • I started eating based on the "Paleo Diet"and it makes me feel fabulous. I'll try not to soapbox about it, but it's pretty fantastic, and I need to do some experimenting with more gluten-free baking which could make for some hilarious kitchen disasters that you could get some kicks out of.
  • I've gotten really in to rock climbing, best couple's workout ever.
  • I'm still rocking school, but I've had to dial it back to half time rather than full time. I'm still rocking back and forth between focusing on entrepreneurship or accounting, and have come to accept that I'll never know what I want to be when I grow up and that's okay.
  • I'm super obsessed with Pinterest (follow me here) and I think I might have to do some posts on what crafts/home made cleaners I've tried.
  • I'm trying to work on focusing on my appearance more, I don't want to say I'm terrible at being a girl, but taking time to wash my face, do my hair and nails, or put on makeup are pretty far down on my list. I get compliments every time I take the time to do it, so that should be some indication.
  • Just crossed the two year anniversary line with Dear Husband, and we're rounding the bases on two years in our little starter home. Now it's time to fix ALL the things!
And if you hung in there for all that, here are some happy cat pictures that sum up the rest of my life.