Monday, February 20, 2012

The Trouble with Long Weekends

I love a long weekend. They're always so full of opportunity and promise & I always think I can squeeze so much more into each of them than is even approaching reasonable. For instance things that I've added at one point or another to my want to-do list for today include...

  • Going to IKEA to get new duvet covers
  • Getting into my new office to make sure everything is set up correctly
  • Going out to lunch with my mom (this is probably a bad idea)
  • Visiting Salvation Army to see if I can find any good sweaters to pull yarn from
  • Going to the fabric store to ogle beautiful prints
  • Try an awesome yarn dyeing technique I saw in a tutorial
  • Plan out my blog posts for next month
  • Do some freezer cooking

Now the first 3 will defiantly be happening & the knitting is naturally a given too. The rest remain to be seen... If only I could have a 5 day weekend and a 2 day work week just for a week. I'd catch up on so much.

What are you doing with your extra day this week?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Love List - Paper

This past Tuesday, yes Valentine's Day, was my first anniversary. Dear Husband sent me an edible arrangement at work (which I may or may not have hinted heavily would be better than flowers) and then made me a fantastic steak dinner. It was a fantastic day, and I love the idea of giving gifts based on tradition, so this is a love list in honor of my paper anniversary.

If I had remembered this existed in my Etsy favorites soon enough this Love Calender would have been the most perfect one year Anniversary present! Keep track of a year by the amount of love you share every day. Sounds pretty romantic to me.

If we had gone with a traditional wedding, these are the invitations I would have used. Inviting Moments have so many amazing invitation sets! For all my friends who are getting married soon, check them out, I'm willing to bet there's something there you'll love!

This Star Wars/Death Cab for Cutie love mash-up is one of the best cards I've seen in a long time. Husband introduced me to this song, so it has a special place in my heart.

My favorite Fiber Farm has gotten into card making recently and I'm totally in love with this Sheep Squad notecard set.

Finally this is what I actually got Husband for our anniversary. My in-laws got us a grill for Christmas and Husband loves Bobby Flay so this one was a no brainer for me.

What are you in love with right now? Any favorite paper crafts/paper gifts you've seen recently?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Delancey KAL - Week One

I dunno about everyone else, but Blue Mountain has finally decided that it's winter. The snow we got wasn't so bad, but the cats and I really didn't appreciate the gusting winds blowing the front door (which mind you has a storm door in front of it) wide open all night. My poor oldest kitty spent the night under the comforter with me because I thought the heat had just broken again and that's why the house was so cold.
Oh hey Winter! There you are!

So a cold, snowy weekend combined with the fact that dear husband is away on a boys hunting weekend made for a TON of awesome knitting time. Mainly on The Sweatshop of Love's Winter KAL featuring the sweetly retro Delancey Cardigan by Alexis Winslow.

I've cast on for the largest size of her standard pattern in a beautiful Wool/Alpaca/Silk dk I'd never heard of before called Balmoral.
Thank god for helpful LYS Ladies!

Even though I had been planning on going with the pattern photo combination of orange and white I'm totally loving this natural and navy blue combination. It's almost gives a South Western vibe to the sweater & I could use a little desert warmth in my freezing house right now.


I love a good mitered square pattern, which is kinda what these two bottom panels are, and the same principles of combined increases and decreases carry throughout the pattern to make those iconic bias stripes.

I am soooooo in love with this yarn and color combo!

Our goal for this week was to make it to row 54 and I decided to go ahead and knit to row 56 so I'd have 2 solid rows connecting my two bottom panels.

Monday, February 6, 2012

You know you have a problem when...

I may or may not have been up until 2 AM working on my newly cast on Aidez... and I may or may not have needed to get up for work at 530. Gonna be a rough day.

Beautiful 1x1 ribbing

However, I'm gonna call it totally worth it. I love the beautiful Knit Picks cadet blue that I'm working in, and I can't resist a highly complicated chart pattern. And since I'm doing this following the Sweatshop of Love KAL that I originally bought this yarn for, I've cast on the whole body at once which includes 9 different sections of reasonably complex cabling/stitchery. The thing that made the whole thing possible is the fantastic guide that Allyson made to follow all three body sections at once.

And even though I have no photographic evidence of it; I ACTUALLY SWATCHED! This is going to be a lesson in loose tension for me 'cause the only circulars I have were 10s when the pattern calls for a 10 1/2. (and I'm too cheap to buy new ones right now)

What did you do during the Super Bowl yesterday?