Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Resolution False Start

So one of my resolutions was to lose 5 lbs a month every month this year & January didn't really go so well... I'm just going to call it a false start because between having a monster flu for a week and a half and transitioning between working two part time jobs to working a normal full time schedule it just never happened.

However, I'm not going to let a false start get in the way of a perfectly good weight loss goal. When I stepped on the scale this morning I was pleasantly surprised to find that my starting weight is 227 lbs. Last I weighed myself (probably pre-holidays) I was floating around the 230's so I suppose in a way I did hit my first month goal as far as I know! I know the secret to success for me is making sure I work out. The nature of my desk job forces me to lead a pretty sedentary lifestyle during the week and the times I was skinniest were when I was swimming or doing color guard competitively regardless of what I ate.

So what's the plan?

I know better than to jump into this too hard & fast and discourage myself right off the bat with burn out. Week one is all about trying out the yoga classes at my gym. I love me some yoga, and at my current fitness level it's a pretty legit workout. Not only is a decent work out for me, but there's less judgement in a yoga class than almost anywhere else in a gym so when I know I have to do a modified plank I'm not stressed about people thinking less of me.

I know I shouldn't stress anyway, but lets be honest, in a gym you feel like you're on display all the time. Especially if you're a bigger girl.

So I'm going to try at least out two different yoga classes this week, and try to hit up a Friday night Zumba class. I also want to get myself back into hiking, and I think husband misses his Sunday mornings to himself, so Sunday mornings might be devoted to hitting some trails. I'm surrounded by the Appalachian trail and nature walks and it's a great natural work out so I'll probably hit up a couple of the gentle nature trails this month and start on real trails next month.

I'll be giving once a week updates on my progress and share anything I learn along the way. Do you have any favorite healthy recipes or workout rituals? I always love a good tip!

January 31 Weight: 227.0



rockandpurl said...

We eat fairly healthy - fish 2 to 3 times a week, red meat only once in a blue moon and veggie meals at least twice a week. I find, however, that snacking is my enemy. I've resolved to having a bag of carrots or apples wherever I am (even have a couple in my handbag). Otherwise, I'll hit the KitKats or Doritos like there's no tomorrow!!

My photographer loves going to Zumba, so I hope you enjoy it too.

Alexis Russell said...

I love Zumba classes I've been to in the past, but it depends so much on the class and the instructor so we'll have to see what this new gym has to offer! I have the same snacking issue, there's so much candy floating around my office it's hard to avoid so I try to keep baby carrots and string cheese at hand to keep temptation at bay.

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